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19th-Nov-2006 09:04 pm(no subject)
quen b - the real queen of downton

do YOU  hate the ryan/taylor pairing?
then join:


6th-Oct-2006 11:32 am(no subject)

Ryan and Marissa FOREVER!

20th-Aug-2006 11:13 pm - Shattering my hope....

((I completely got deleted from the OC message boards for this message.  That makes me sooooooo mad!))

I feel like I am going to cry all over again!  Ok so I won't lie, I DID cry all over again.  All summer long, I have been a part of the Save Marissa campagin.  I have been writing my fic: Lost. Love Will Find Its Way (with Marissa still in it), and I have still had this undying hope that Mischa will still be on the OC.  Tonight on the Teen Choice awards shattered the hope...

Let me start by saying Congratulations to Rachel and Mischa for winning their awards.  Mischa won for best Teen Actress!  Yes Mischa Rocks and I love her so much.  So what she didn't win for Red Carpet Icon (though I wished she would).  And although Rachel lost against Jessica Alba for Teen Hottie, she did win for best Teen Actress-TV Drama (I think that was the title.) . WOOT!  My girls ROCK!  I watched the Teen Choice awards JUST for them.  I am 26 years old, and yes I watched the teen choice awards.  I had to support my favorite show after all.  It was really great to see them, as it always is!

(Ewww Ben wasn't even nominated, what is up with that!?  AND Adam (I think, maybe he got it), Peter and Kelly all lost in their categories. EWWW!  What were they thinking?  Still, at least we got 2!)

Mischa was so sweet.  She thanked her fans so much, and kept saying that the OC would be nothing without us!  YAY, I love that she appreicates us so much.  But during Mischa's speech she said something along the lines of: "They are filming season four and I already miss them!"  At first I was so excited just to see her on the screen (and Rachel of course) that I could hardly contain it.  But as soon as she said those words my heart sankInstant tears cam streaming out of my eyes, and I wanted to scream, "NOOOOOOOO!"

I feel like I am going to puke.  And I know that you guys are probably all laughing at me.  I mean most people have already given up hope.  Or they just don't care anymore.  I do realize that it is a TV show, and I will move on with my life.  But I am still sick about it all.  The OC IS my favorite show, and I love Marissa!

And to rub things in even more, they finally showed a promo for season four! I wasn't expecting it, and immediately my eyes were glued to the TV.  My worst fears are coming true!  Not only was Marissa NOT on it at all, but  Julie was shown taking pills.... a substance abuse problem? -gross! Didn't we have enough with Kirsten and even Marissa?  (can I say, repeating story lines?)  Ryan cage fighting?! WTF!!!!!? What is up with that!?  Don't get me wrong, I WANT Ryan to hurt and to grieve, but I'm not sure I like that at all.  And Kaitlin, gosh I want to strangle her for some reason.  I don't hate her, but they are going to make her try to replace her.  Gah I am sooooooooooo mad!

I immediately called my best friend in tears, saying I am officially NOT watching the OC next season!  I am so frursted...  soooooo frustrated!  After calming down, I realized that I had to watch the OC.  Because I still love all the other character.  I love Ryan, Seth, Summer, The Cohen's, Julie.  And I can't stop watching just because of one.  But all I have to say is that season four so far does NOT look appealing to me at all.  I am hoping that Josh will wow me, and do something to keep me watching.  But right now, it doesn't look like he will.  And if he doesn't... I won't watch.  Because he is already on thin ice in my book.  How could he kill her!?

IT WILL NOT BE THE SAME WITHOUT MARISSA.  And definitely NOT without the Ryan/Marissa relationship!  (Not to mention the Marissa/Summer friendship, or even the Julie/Marissa thing).  I loved Marissa, she is so important to me.  I just can't take it anymore.  I am depressed all over again.

The ONLY thing that I want to keep hoping for is that it's still a publicity stunt.  Marissa will be in a comma or something. She wouldn't neccessarily have to be filming a lot if she is just laying there right?   I mean all the characters can STILL be going through all that pain and hurt if they think she MIGHT die, or see her in a coma right?  It could all still work!?  God, I wish that were the case.  But I have a feeling that I am wrong... and I am FINALLY starting to lose hope. 

Or maybe Josh will shock me.  I mean he is an amazign writing.  (or writing team I should say).  There is a reason WHY the OC has been my favorite show of ALL Time.  And just maybe I shouldn't judge by just the commercials.  I mean even in past seasons I have watched a promo and/or commercial and screamed at it.  BUT I am very reluctant, and fear that he might let me down.  I hope he doesn't.  And I still have to have hope.  I love the OC too much to completely give up on it.  But i'm close... very close.

I feel empty and lost.  My heart hurts, and I want to cry again.  Why are you doing this to us Josh? Why!? I still had hope... for three months I have had hope.  And now that the hope is nearly gone, I fear that my hope in the OC is going with it.  EWWW!

31st-Jul-2006 03:30 pm - I'm not giving up yet... are you?
((I just posted this on the OC message boards.  And I think that we ALL should do something different.  We cant give up hope, now is the most important time!))

Hello everyone!

We only have a few more months before the OC starts.  And it’s the home stretch of the SaveMarissa/SaveOC campaign!   I am sure that the producers, Josh, and cast are just about to get ready to rally up and start the makings of season four.  What better time to let them know that we have NOT given up!!!!!  If they see a lag in the boards, or in the campaign, they might not take us seriously... or they may just think there is no reason to really let the OC move on.  They will most likely think that we weren’t as passionate as they thought we were.  I for one do NOT want this to happen.  I want Josh and the others to know, that –I- want to see Marissa alive!

I know that for some of us, we still are extremely affected by the tragedy, and do NOT want to see Marissa dead.  Others have kind of just accepted the idea, and although you don't like it, you don't see a point in campaigning!  (And then there are others that I would rather not mention who actually like the fact that she is dead.  But this thread really isn’t for you.)  No matter WHAT,  I really think that it is still worth the try.  I mean, this is our favorite show... we ALL talk about how obsessed with the OC we are.  We spend all of our time on these boards and what not.  So why not spend a little extra time campaigning once again?  Let’s show Josh just how serious we actually are, how much we LOVE his show, and how much we love Marissa. If we give up now, it won't be worth it.

Even if it doesn’t' work, it will be amazing to know that we all came together to give it a 100% try!  I won't be able to live with myself if I don't keep on campaigning til the very end!

It’s the middle of the summer, and a lot of us have fizzled out on the boards.  Its understandable.. .no OC to watch, and people are losing hope for a fabulous season four!  Well I think that the fans can change this!  So let’s pick back up, and Save Marissa AND save the OC.  In my eyes, saving Marissa just may save the OC!

Please go talk to Oli at the savincoop website.  And also go to the savemarissa website.  If you have an extra $5, donate to each of the projects going on.  $5 from everyone on these boards is a lot of money, and a lot can be done with that.  But $5 from just ONE person isn't much at all.  That is one lunch you can give up to save our beloved Marissa Cooper.  So give up that lunch just once, and SAVE MARISSA!

Also don’t forget to sign the petition!

Also I suggested to Oli that we do another Save Marissa world wide day.  Emailing the media again, letting them know that YES the annoying fans are still here, still affected, and are NOT giving up!  What do you all think?



PS If you do not agree with the Save Marissa campaign, that is fine, but please don't rain on our parade and post negative remarks on this thread.  I am trying to encourage those of us that STILL care about the show, and still care about Marissa.  I respect all of you who do not agree with the campaign, and think we are crazy.  But I would appreciate it if you didn't bash us this time around.  If you have nothing supportive to say, just don't say it at all.  Thanks! :)

31st-Jul-2006 01:05 pm - The OC CANCELED In UK!!!!!
1x06 - bike ride
According to People Magazine:

The British-born actress is reportedly so popular in the U.K. that next season's The OC isn't getting picked up there after Barton's character Marissa got killed off the show.

1x06 - bike ride


In cyberspace, can anyone hear you scream? Television fans are betting on it, using petition sites to try to save their favorite shows and let their voices be heard.

3rd-Jul-2006 01:19 am - TCA Second Wave Nominations
1x06 - bike ride
Mischa has been nominated for two TCA's in the second wave of nominations, Choice TV Female and Red Carpet Fashion Icon. 

Go here to vote: http://www.teenpeople.com/teenpeople/article/0,22196,1201684,00.shtml#
28th-Jun-2006 11:39 pm - Mischa Thanks her fans!
1x06 - bike ride
Just like to say thank you to you guys for a great site, and for the Save Marissa campaign and all the nice letters, it's all very touching, and I am nothing without my fans! Anyway, THANKS, Mischa & Nuala Barton
28th-Jun-2006 11:23 pm - TEEN PEOPLE MISCHA/MARISSA POLL!!!!
1x06 - bike ride

Here is a poll printed in the August issue of Teen People:

Marissa's dead! Mischa Barton's OC character was killed in the finale. I'm:

47% Crushed. She was my favorite character!

30% Not going to watch anymore.

23% Thrilled. I'm more of a Summer girl.

24,500 + Teenpeople.com users voted!


23rd-Jun-2006 09:18 am - We can't give up yet!

At Ok all you Marissa fans, or all you R/M fans... it doesn't really matter, any OC fan that had any attachment to Marissa at all! 


We can NOT let this happen.  Josh, the producers of the show, and Mischa are not going to take us seriously if only a month after it happens we are done fighting!  The petition hasn't even reached 40,000 signatures yet!  We need to donate to get that ad in a paper... have you all visited the save marissa ampaign website?  We need your pictures up there... right now there are only 149 pictures up there! And what about live journals, myspaces, blogs, etc etc etc!  The more we put things out there, the BETTER!  The more exposure we can get, the BETTER!  We need to have another, "Save Marissa Day!" where we flood the media with emails again.  If we don't shut up, they have to take notice of us sooner or later right?  Even if she doesn't come back *sniffles at the thought* at least I will know I went out trying my hardest.  (Don't you want to have the same good feeling?)  I refuse to believe that we are not being heard, and that they won't take us seriously... we have to keep trying!

So let's ralley the troop (AGAIN)... we can NOT let it fizzle out.  Flood the boards AGAIN, sign the petition, get others to sign the petetion!, send in your picture, donate to the website, etc!  Are you all with me!


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